Prayer for Levi

Far be it from me Father,
That I should question Your will.
Practicing this faith is now harder,
With my heart in anguish still.
Life it is no longer,
What You designed it to be,
Our need for You is so much stronger
Your plan we cannot see.

Please be over this little child
Hold him ever closer in Your hand.
Give him strength for this trial.
He fights what he can't understand.
Precious little one so dear
It just cannot seem fair.
The fruition of our fears
Remind us You're still there.

Make of Him an example Lord
Of Your loving might.
For Your help we implored
Please hold him through the night.
From his very beginning
May we see Your grace.
While our world keeps on spinning.
Help us look upon Your face.

- Hannah Whitesell (Levi's aunt)