Whispered Prayers

Whispered prayers are often the loudest
Because whispered prayers are never uttered alone
Only with your eyes closed tightly
Are the true visions of your guardian shown

Whispered prayers are often most desperate
Because whispered prayers are screamed from the ledge
Not knowing if one step forward or backwards
Will save you or plummet you over the edge

Whispered prayers are often revealing
Because whispered prayers are always sincere
Praying for only that which matters
Words offered silently where no one can hear

Whispered prayers are a parent's weapon
Because whispered prayers are always kept near
Transformed by each prayer into a soldier
Diligently fighting the things that they fear

Whispered prayers are a fragrant offering
Because whispered prayers come from the soul
A sacrifice placed delicately upon the altar
A plea for shattered pieces to be made whole

Whispered prayers are always answered
Because whispered prayers come with a promise
Desperate cries for help will be heard
And the chaos of life will dissolve into focus

--Michael Whitesell