Thursday, January 12, 2012

Set the pace again...

Hey everybody,

On days like today, I can’t stop looking at pictures. Just one of those days. Good thing there’s no shortage of them, I have a couple hundred of them on my computer at work and a couple thousand of them on my phone. It just seems to help, on days like today…

Well, Round V is officially underway. We rounded up the essential gear for hospital stays (although this load was much lighter since this first part is only a two night stay) and headed down to Riley Hospital yesterday morning, arriving around 10am. We headed up to the clinic, where Levi went through the motions of his checkup and Steph and I answered the barrage of questions. Yes, he’s eating well. Yes, he has high energy. No, he doesn’t seem to be in any sort of pain. No, he is not bruising. So on and so on. I can’t complain, though, as eight months ago our answers were all opposite of what they are now. His progress since starting treatments last year really has been amazing; according to the weight Steph got yesterday as Levi was playing on the scale in the hallway, he’s gained around seven pounds since the time he started treatments on July 5th last year.

After his checkup we headed up to the 4th floor and dropped off his stuff in the room. We are back in room 409 again, which is good; it’s a corner room, so it is a little quieter, and it does have a window that looks outside (although the gray and rainy January days we’ve been having lately aren’t that appealing). My mom and dad came up to the hospital to spend the day with us and provide some moral support, which helped immensely. We all headed down to the cafeteria to get some lunch, and then let Levi run around the hospital atrium for a much needed release of pent-up energy. Steph and I made the obligatory shopping run to Meijer to get some snacks and healthier food options for the stay while Mom and Dad watched Levi. When we made it back, Levi had found a comfortable napping spot on Grandma’s lap in the rocking chair where he spent a couple hours all snuggled up.

They came in to start chemo around 3pm. Thankfully, they agreed to write an order that he could be unhooked from the IV when he is not getting chemo during the day. His chemo consists of a three-hour infusion every 12 hours for a total of four infusions. After the fourth infusion, he will be getting a deep-tissue shot with a different drug. He’ll stay in the hospital for an hour or so after the shot, as the drug can potentially cause an allergic reaction. All said and done, he and Steph should be heading back home tomorrow around 10am. Hopefully they will both be able to get some rest in the afternoon with me at work and Caylee at daycare.

I just got off the phone with Steph a little while ago. It sounds like things are going pretty well. Both she and Levi were able to get a couple good naps in today, which helps make up for the interrupted sleep they got last night. He’s been a little busy body, checking up on the nursing staff out at the nurses’ station and seeing what trouble he can dig up. He’s eating like a champ, which is a good sign that he is coping with the chemo pretty well. Just one more big dose for now, which he’ll get at 3am. Then they get to head home. Can’t wait to see them.

Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement. It means a lot to know that little Levi’s story is touching your lives as well. I know that, even though it is not yet over, it has changed my life forever. We love you all, and continue to push towards a successful completion with God’s grace and your prayers. We love you all.

Michael, Stephanie, Caylee, and little Levi


  1. So great to hear he is gaining weight and fightin this thing like a trooper! We are always thinking about you guys Mike. I know you already do, but thank the good Lord every time you get the chance for the amazing parents you have. Levi is blessed with amazing parents, but also with just about the best grandparents a little guy could aske for! We love you all so much cousin!
    BTW, Levi is always first on Nolan's prayer list every night when we ask who we are praying for tonight.

    -Jerid, Kelly, Nolan, and Caleb

  2. AWESOME!!! Sounds like everything is going according to plan!! (God's Plan that is!)Thanks Michael for the UPDATE!!! Continual Healing Prayers Your Way! Love Ya! xoxo Brenda&Gene

  3. I have been through kinda the same thing with my son, Joseph Wehner. Although he has a heart defect, I understand what you are going through. You couldn't be at a better place. They will take great care of Levi. Joseph has had 4 open heart surgeries their. It is amazing how little ones bounce back so quickly. They are so much stronger than we are. But without Jesus we couldn't get through it. He is there no matter how hard it gets. Just be strong and keep praying. I will pray for Levi. If you need anything or just to talk please call Melissa Wehner 812-767-2713. Good luck with everything.

  4. Dear Ones,
    So glad to hear that all is going well and as planned. Continued prayers for the treatment to be effective and well tolerated by Levi. Also we are thankful he and Steph are back home for a little while. We are grateful for the updates that keep us in touch. We pray that in a little while all this will be behind you and all that will be left of it will be memories. We praise God that he is taking very good care of you. We are also so proud of all of you for trusting God with all your hearts.
    Love, Grandpa and Grandma G.

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