Friday, February 3, 2012

Just not today...

Well, we thought today was going to be the big day. But it's not...

Levi has been doing very well this week, no fevers, high energy, good appetite, etc... All the signs of a recovery. Earlier in the week, after his blood tests on Monday, the doctor indicated that, based on what he was seeing, Friday should be the day when Levi could come home. So, we started making plans. The nurses worked on a little going-away party to throw today, and last night I dropped Caylee off at Steph's parents' house and headed on down to the hospital.

The doctor mentioned yesterday that he wanted to see Levi's ANC at around 150 or 200 before he let him go home today. Since he was at 112 yesterday morning, we weren't too concerned about it. They drew his labs this morning at 4am, but after falling back asleep and waking up a little later to find his lab printout sitting on the bedside table, we were dissapointed to see that he had dropped back down to zero. We're used to seeing his counts bounce up and down a little when recovery begins, but we were hoping it wouldn't bounce today.

I have to admit, we were disheartened this morning. But it's nothing we can't overcome, and we are making the choice to be thankful that our little Levi is doing so well. God has brought us this far, He won't let us fall so close to the end. The doctor said that if there is any positive count increases tomorrow, we can take him home. There are a lot of plans being reshuffled today to make sure we have things lined up this weekend, but hopefully tomorrow at this time I'll be writing you an update at this time from my couch while Levi runs laps around the living room around with his big sister.

Thanks for your continued prayers. We're so close...

Michael, Stephanie, Caylee, and Little Levi


  1. We plan on hearing from You tomorrow for THE GOOD NEWS!!!!!!! All Our Love and Prayers xoxo Brenda&Gene

  2. All of us here in WI have been following your blog and praying for your family. Praying for positive counts tomorrow. God bless.

  3. Looking forward to hearing that Levi gets to go home. Lots of prayers!

  4. I am waiting on the post from the living room couch dude! With fingerprints lower on the glass, trucks, balls, and a toy vacuum left in the living room and sippy cups laying around the house. For the excitment and chaos to all, once again, be in your home! AND for you to steal that warrior wife of yours away for just a bit to allow her to just be loved!

  5. Dear Ones,

    We are praying that the ANC count will be awesome on the next test and that you are already on your way home with little Levi.
    Happy Trails!!

    Love, Grandpa and Grandma G.

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