Friday, June 24, 2011

Back home again in (northern) Indiana...

Home sweet home...

We checked out of our resort (hospital) yesterday around lunch time. Levi immediately acted better once outside. My mom and Amy brought Caylee up, and we all went out to lunch to celebrate. It was great holding little Levi without any IV tubes or monitor cables. We got home around 4:30 pm, and were pleasantly surprised that our house was still standing and in decent order.

Levi did pretty well last night. He was in a great mood, and seemed to be happier overall. He slept really well last night, I think he enjoyed being back in his own bed in familiar surroundings. Of course, mommy and daddy slept much, much better as well.

Nate, Amy, and Xavier came up this morning to visit and help out around the house. It was great to have some family time. Levi did pretty well and played while being held - it is kind of sad to see him not want to crawl or walk on his own. I think he just hurts too much to want to be very active.

When we left yesterday, we talked with the orthopedic surgeon who will perform his open biopsy. We will go down to Indy to his office for a consult next Tuesday. Not sure why we need to do this beforehand, I figured he could get the info he needed from our doctor. But whatever I guess. We should know next Tuesday when the biopsy will be scheduled. Hopefully it's soon, we're anxious to get the diagnosis confirmed and start treatments. We just want out active, happy little boy back as soon as we can.

He had a home healthcare nurse stop by this morning to do training for us on flushing and cleaning Levi's PICC line. I'll just say that I'm glad Steph's a nurse... I'm not cut out for that stuff.

Thanks everyone for your continued prayers and support. We love you all, and will continue to keep you all updated on our little Levi.

Michael, Stephanie, Caylee, and little Levi


  1. Thinking of you all. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. Give the monkeys a hug and kiss from Chris' house!!


  2. I'm a friend of Chris's and have been following little Levi's journey. You and your family are in my prayers. I'm in Missouri and have started a prayer chain for your family and especially little Levi. Caylee and Levi have stolen Chris's heart and so I keep up to date.We will continue our thoughts and prayers.Levi and Caylee are adorable...Susan McClure,Columbia Missouri

  3. The Pratts will continue to keep you all in our prayers. So glad you have him home.