Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We're going home... eventually...

...just not today.

Originally, we thought we would be heading home today. But, due to his tiny guy stature, they decided they would need to use sedation on him to perform the bone scan tomorrow morning, which bumped the start time of the scan from 10am back to 8am. Then, they told us we would need to be here 2-3 hours before the scan started to inject him with the dye they use. So, once you factor in that it takes us about 2.5 hours to get here, the choice to stay here another night was pretty easy.

The Dr reiterated this morning that this does not look like AML (praise God!). They are leaning more towards LCH, which we still need to get educated about. The severity and aggressiveness of LCH is much less than AML. To confirm this though, they will likely do an open biopsy after the bone scan at some point in the future. Of course we have no idea when that will be scheduled.

It's going to be another slow day, just waiting for tests tomorrow morning. However, we are looking forward to my parent bringing Caylee up for a visit in a little while. Plus, my dad's riding his new Harley up, so maybe, just maybe, I wil get some two-wheel therapy... :)

Oh yeah, did I mention - we're going home tomorrow!

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