Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Well, that one's done...

Hey everyone,

This will probably be a shorter post - I am struggling to keep my eyes open on my couch here at home. Levi had a long day, but we got through it. We headed down to Indy around 8:15 am and dropped Caylee off at Steph's parent's house for the day (thanks guys!). We made it to Riley around 11:30, and got Levi all checked in to the day surgery center. My mom was able to come up to be with us, which was helpful. Levi did really well, especially considering that he hadn't had anything to eat since about 9:00pm last night. They finally took him back for his biopsy around 2:30. He was back there for about an hour. The doctor came out and talked to us afterwards - he told us that Levi did well and came through the procedure just fine. They feel that they got enough material to make a diagnosis. However, they weren't able to give us any prelim results. He said we likely won't hear anything back from the tests until the end of the week or early next week. So, we'll continue to wait patiently...

Levi did pretty well in recovery. He was a little groggy and ouchy, but was very happy to get something to eat and and drink (even if it was just apple juice and crackers). We left the hospital around 5:30, and after getting something to eat in Carmel (yay Chipotle) and picking up Caylee, we made it home around 9:45 or so. I think we're all worn out.

A quick cool story for you - we were hanging out in the waiting room while Levi was back in surgery, and a lady sitting near us came up and said that Levi was on her prayer chain. Turns out that she and her husband are CMA members from the Noblesville chapter, and had been receiving updates on Levi and had been praying for him. It was great to meet them, and very encouraging (and humbling) to be reminded how people all over are keeping our little guy in their prayers.

Thank you once again. We'll continue to keep you updated. And now, I think it's time for bed.....

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  1. That is cool about the Noblesville people! Nice to know so many people are thinking of him. Every prayer is heard! Let us know when you can squeeze in a dinner. Thinking of you all as always! :)