Friday, July 15, 2011

Just the two of us...

So, I wish I could give you an awesome account of how Levi and I spent our day. My list would have probably included activities related to motorcycles, baseball, and hunting (three of my favorites). But instead, our afternoon and evening (to this point) were filled with what he needed, not what I needed. And that is - rest. He has been sleeping soundly most of the day, and after I get past the unrealistic things I had in mind, that really does add up to a pretty good day for the little guy.

We did get some hang out time early this afternoon - we talked about the cars outside and read some books, and I got quite a few laughs and smiles. I love those; I wish there was a way I could bottle them up and take them home to enjoy on some of the tougher nights. And who knows; the night is young, it's hard telling how the rest of the evening will go!

As you probably guessed, Caylee and I made it down here just fine. I'd like to give a special thanks to Jenny and Brian, who sponsored this trip with the gas card they gave us. Steph even talked me into bringing her sewing machine down, so before too long the peaceful pediatrics wing will be humming with the sounds of fervent sewing as Steph cranks out project after project... Ok, maybe that's a little exaggerated, but probably not by much...

Steph and Caylee headed down to my parents' house around lunchtime, and it sounds like things are going pretty well there. I hope they have a great time there, Steph sure deserves a night away from the hospital.

Levi's white blood cell and ANC counts are down to zero, or close to it anyway. The doctors confirmed that he is right on schedule, and for the time being he doesn't need any adjustment on his central line. I always make them sum things up for me, and the summary I got was "so far so good." I'll take that. We are being ultra-careful with the prevention of infections and sicknesses; barring any setbacks, his counts should start to build back up after 7 - 10 days (or so). The doctor also told us that we should see him continue to feel better after these counts rebound.

We also found out today that none of us are matches for bone marrow. Steph and I didn't like that news very much, but the specialist reassured us that things were ok and that we would just look to the bone marrow and cord blood bank for potential matches. I have seen several of our friends join the list and encourage others to do so as well; so, from a daddy whose little boy will need it - thank you. Please keep up the good work!

Finally, I realized this evening, as I watched Levi sleeping peacefully, sitting next to a window looking out on a perfect day, that I have been asking for a lot of things lately. Tonight, instead of writing down a laundry list of things I want or need, I am asking you to praise God with us for what He has done and continues to do.

So taking the place of specific prayer requests, I am instead sharing my list of specific praises. And as I begin to write, I am tearfully overwhelmed with the fact that I have so, so much more to be thankful for than I have actual needs.

- I thank God that He postponed this battle for us last year and gave us another year for Levi to be stronger and more capable of fighting this disease.

- I thank God for the knowledge that He is in control of Levi’s health, well-being, and future.

- I thank God for the incredible staff of doctors and nurses in this hospital that are doing everything in their power to make sure that Levi is receiving the best care possible and that we are comfortable.

- I thank God that He has provided the resources needed so that my family can stay in frequent communication and continue to drive back and forth between home and the hospital to spend time together.

- I thank God for the family and friends that he has placed around us to lift us up in prayer, meet our needs, and support my family in this trying time.

- And finally, I thank God for each and every member of my family; my beautiful wife, who is my source of peace and calm and who loves me unconditionally, my incredible daughter who breathes life and sunshine into my dark times, and my little Levi, who has shown me more of who God is than any book or sermon could ever provide.

God bless you all,
Michael, Stephanie, Caylee, and little Levi


  1. Glad to hear you and Levi had some hang time. Also that Stephanie and Mega Woman have arrived safely at your folks. May you and Little Dude have a good weekend together and continue to know you all are in my thoughts everyday.


  2. Steve and Donna RogersJuly 18, 2011 at 5:14 PM

    I don't know if you remember us, or playing with our son, Daniel, when ya'll lived in Kansas City, but we remember you and your family. I want you to know that we are praying for you and your family and especially for little Levi. God is good and He loves us very much. God bless you all.

    Love, Steve and Donna Rogers.