Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tomorrow's test and your support...

Hi everyone,

I hope you have had a great week. I wanted to post a note asking for special prayer for Levi. Tomorrow morning he is headed back down to Indy for another blood test and examination. The last two weeks worth of tests have been very encouraging, and I would like for you to pray for a continuation of these results. I am in Orlando at a conference, so Steph will be making the trek south with her mom (thanks Linda!). In talking to Steph last night, it sounds like many of Levi's little "spots" (we've struggled as to what to call them, so we'll stick with "spots") have pretty much dissapeared. We know that can't be a bad thing. We believe God is healing our little guy, and know that this is directly related to your prayer and support.

Speaking of your prayer and support, I wanted to just again say "thank you". I wish that there were other words that we could use besides "thank you" to show our gratitude, because those words just seem too common to accurately express our gratitude and appreciation.

Let me paint a picture of how your love and support manifests itself to us... We have had family spend time with us and take trips with us. We have had people bring us dinners. We have had people bring us desserts. We have had people give us money for gas and food. We have had people bring us prayer cloths and pray over Levi. We have had people circle up and pray for Levi in many locations. We have had family and friends go forward during church to pray for Levi. We have had people call us, comment on our blog posts, and write notes on our Facebook pages. Last weekend, our CMA chapter came and spent 7 hours helping us out with landscaping and outside chores that we haven't been able to attend to. We have been put on so many church prayer chains that I can't even count. Since we kicked off this blog, the site has had around 1,500 visits. And most importantly, we have had people keep Levi in their prayers regularly. Some of the most touching stories of prayer have been friends telling us that their little children are praying for Levi (for some reason I believe the faith of a child is a sweet and meaningful thing).

Although we try, it is impossible to keep on top of all these selfless gestures. There aren't enough Thank You cards in this world. So please know that we are forever grateful to you. And please, please, please keep praying that God continues to work in little Levi's body to rid him of his illness.

We love you all,
Michael and Stephanie


  1. Mike,
    You and your precious family are in my prayers. I will specifically be praying for the team of doctors and nurses that will be be treating assisting you in the cure for Levi. May God give you endurance in long days and nights, may God give you peace in your opportunities for rest.

    In His Grip,
    Annette Coon

  2. We will be patiently waiting to hear more good news on Levi's appointment tomorrow! Praying for Levi's healing has been a part of our every day routine. I wake-up in the morning and there's Levi already in my head. That's how we know God is answering our continual prayers! Love to all of you! Brenda&Gene xxxooo

  3. Still praying for you guys and little Levi!

  4. I commend you for your faith and positive attitude. Little Levi has the most wonderful parents any child could ever ask for! God bless you and your family and healing Levi. He's such a beautiful baby boy! Prayers to you.

  5. Still praying as hard as ever! We'll be home all week if Steph needs anything at all. If you'll be home by this weekend, maybe we can catch dinner or something together. I think Steph told me when you'd be back, but I can't remember. Let us know. Have a safe trip home and let us know if we can help any time, as usual.

  6. We're anxiously awaiting the outcome of the new tests and trust that they will be very good news. We are also praying for all of you and know that this burden will soon be lifted from you. We just heard from a cousin in California and they are also praying for Levi. Every voice is more prayer power. Praise God!!
    Grandpa and Grandma G.

  7. Will be thinking of you all today.


  8. Your family continues to be in our prayers. God has a plan for all of you in this. Praying for continued healing for Levi and strengh and comfort for the rest of you. Love you all.

    Rob & Sonja