Friday, May 28, 2010

Yesterday's appointment and tests...

Hi everyone,

Here's an update on how Levi's appointment at Riley went yesterday.

In short, the little guy had a pretty rough morning...

Steph and her mom took Levi in to Riley around 10:30 am, and after checking into the doctor's office, headed over to the PICU for his bone marrow test. The plan was to try to get the bone marrow sample while he was under conscious sedation without having him taken to the OR and put under general anesthesia. However, they couldn't get an IV started on him. Several nurses and doctors tried unsuccessfully for over three hours and 14 sticks to get one going. They ended up having to cancel the order and gave up. They also postponed his blood test. It was a rough time, and pretty much sapped his strength and energy He slept alot afterwards, but is ok today, and seems to be back to his normal self. In short, we really don't know anything new...

We are thankful that little kids don't remember things like this. (How traumatic would it be to remember all the details and procedures that happen as an infant?)

So, the plan going forward is that we will take Levi back down there next Wednesday. They will take him into the OR and put him under general anesthesia so they can more easily get an IV going and draw his bone marrow labs. Then its back to the waiting game for a few days until we get his results. Wednesday happens to be my birthday, and Thursday is Steph's, so good test results are topping both our wishlists for birthday presents!

Thank you to all for continued prayer and support. This was just one more chapter of Levi's battle, and we will get through it with God's strength and grace. A special thank you to his Grandma Linda who headed down to Indy with Stephanie and Levi, and to his Grandma Sharlene who came up to our house to watch Caylee while they were away.

Through all of this, remember that our God is stronger.

Michael and Stephanie


  1. Dear Ones,
    So sorry to hear that little Levi had to go through that. I seem to have the same problem with IV's. Don't know why. I just avoid them!!
    Hope and pray everything goes well next Wed. and that all of this will soon be behind you. We pray for a clean bill of health for Levi.

    Love and prayers,
    Grandma and Grandpa G.

  2. Hi Michael&Stephanie,
    That experience had to of been hard on everyone!
    All I know is that it gives Levi another week of healing before he receives the GREATEST test results yet!! I BELIEVE THIS!!! Also wanted to let you know that your cousin Ashly has IV problems too. (Nobody wants to be a pin-cushion!)
    Sorry you had to go through this, but it'll for sure work-out next week! Keep your spirits up!!
    Lots of Prayers&Love! Brenda&Gene xxxooo